Atmosfera Max mist fan

equipped with patented 360° high pressure misting fan. It has a square style design enclosure made from processed acacia wood that is humidity resistant FSC certified wood.

The sides could be customized by your drawings, logo or Ads…
The mist is blown sideways in all direction creating a cooled bubble without dropping or wet in the area under or close to it.
It includes patented 360° degrees all directions fan, high pressure pump, high quality anti-drip nozzles, controller, 30L tank and beautiful LED lighting.

Atmosfera Max mist fan is ideal for:
• Outdoor areas
• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Bars
• Ice-cream parlours
• Stalls
• Bubs
• LED lights for night
• A nice piece for your outdoor areas
• Wide table to place your snack or your drink
• Keeps mosquitoes away
• Neutralizes odors and dust
• Decreases temperature considerably within several meters


360 mist fan Pidraya-Max


White painted wooden support base

Fan with ring of 6 anti-drip fog nozzles

Analog timer, to set pause/work cycles

Kit of 2 wheels

Height 260cm
Base dimensions 46 x 70cm
Weight 76kg
Power 230v-50Hz, 500w
Tank 30L tank, 7h

Available for sale or rent within Dubai and Abu Dhabi