Ceilo ceiling misting fan

is a compact ceiling misting fan combined with LED light.
It is applicable where more permanent solution is needed and It doesn’t take any ground space.

The high pressure pump is external. It would be selected as per number of fans and could be placed far at a suitable location.
The patented 360° misting fan ensures that mist is bushed horizontally with high velocity, so there would be no wetting in the area under it.
Ceilo ceiling misting fan is the best solution for half-closed areas and smoking areas, where it has been very effective in suppressing smoke.

Ceilo ceiling misting fan is ideal for:
Outdoor areas
• Smoking areas
• Bars
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Clubs

• Neutralizes odors, dust and smoke
• LED light
• Does not take any space
• Stylish look as a lamp
• Decreases the temperature considerably
• Keeps mosquitoes away


360 Pidraya ceilo - ceiling misting fan


1 fan, has some effect in area about 30m2
1 Ring of 6 anti-drip ultra fine fog nozzles


Height 130cm
Diameter 40cm
Weight 14kg
LED light 26w
Tank No

Available with free installation within Dubai and Abu Dhabi